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Articles written by Lois McElravy

Do you want to learn how you can:

  • gain a better understanding about how humor works?
  • discover the funny side of life?
  • develop your humor skills?
  • know the do's and don'ts about humor in the workplace?
  • enhance your personal relationships with a playful attitude?
  • take a time-out from the pressures and demands of your life? 
  • inject more fun into your life?
  • create personal systems and strategies to break through barriers and overcome challenge?
  • eliminate your resistance to disruptive change?
  • let go of disappointments and bounce back with resiliency?
  • expand your knowledge about living with ADHD or living with a brain injury?
  • feel good about who you are?
  • feel happy in the midst of trying times?

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Humor Tips by Lois 

Humor Softens the Agony of a Bitter Truth

Wish you could find a way to soften the agony of a bitter truth you are required to tell someone? Then imagine the anguish a competition judge feels when they must deliver devastating news to impassioned contestants and watch while contestant's raw emotion pours out over their hopeful aspirations. Continue reading  


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Humor In the Workplace Audio Interview

Do you long for some humor in your work place... but are concerned that you could damage your professional image by being perceived as a goof-off or not taking your work seriously? Listen to Lois' 20 minute WebTalkRadio Interview with Nan Russell on Work Matters to learn how you can appropriately inject some fun into your workplace.
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Original Quotations by Lois  

"I have always been intrigued by the magical power, influence and lasting impression transferred from one person to the next through quotations. It wasn't until I found myself struggling to cope and make sense of my brain injury circumstances that I came to fully recognize and depend on the transformational provisions imparted by quotations."-Lois McElravy

Quotations provide us with so many benefits - They shorten our learning curve with hard-earned wisdom and expand or challenge our perceptions with thought provoking insight. Some quotations make us chuckle, some touch our heart. Other quotes help us maintain our focus, motivate us to work towards a goal, summon up courage, boost our confidence, or inspire us to dream big. In confusing or difficult times, quotations provide answers, calm our fears, comfort our hurts and give us something to hang on to when our situation feels hopeless.

When Lois asked for feedback from participants who attended her presentations, she noticed that several "sayings" consistently showed-up on evaluations. "Sayings" that inspired someone to feel hopeful, revealed an AHA, comforted a hurt, or motivated them to think, feel or do something differently from now on.

Lois collected these valued "sayings" to share with you. Feel free to print Lois' Original Quotations and use them for yourself or share them with others. Lois gives you permission to include her quotations in your newsletter or post them on your work bulletin board, as long as you include: by Lois McElravy, Lessons from Lois. 
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