Lessons from Lois McElravy - Hangin' on with humor when live looks ugly...

Inspirational and Humorous Programs (Audio CDs with Worksheets) -- Coping Humor, Happiness Tips, Strategies to Survive and Thrive in Uncertain Times


"Develop Your Humor Habit - How to see the 'Funny' in your Everyday Ordinary Life" Audio CD

Learn how to use the power of humor and the magic of laughter and be better equipped to handle the demands and pressures of work and home, deal with difficult people, cope with the unpredictable swift pace of life and have more fun.

Develop your humor habit in five easy steps
 - gain an understanding of how humor works
 - explore your humor history 
 - identify your humor beliefs
 - assess your humor personality
 - easy to apply humor strategies

One-hour audio CD, recorded live at the Missoula Businesswomen's Network Women's Symposium (includes a tri-fold worksheet) - $15.00


 "Flirting with Fun - Developing Playful Relationships" Audio CD

Most of us long for more playfulness, fun and laughter in our relationships, but don't know how to go about it, or have forgotten what we once knew. Flirting is a natural gift that we have had from birth. People who engage in "playful flirting" do so with the intention of turning ordinary, everyday situations into magical moments.

Learn the five basic steps to "playful flirting" so you can
- disarm disputes,
- build rapport,
- create more playfulness in your relationships, and
- get the helping hand you long for.

One-hour audio CD, recorded live at the Missoula Businesswomen's Network Women's Symposium (downloadable handouts) - $15.00

"When There's Too Much To Do and Not Enough of You - Humorous Perspectives and Practical Solutions" Audio CD

Whenever there's too much to do and not enough of you, your stress level increases along with the risks of damaging your health, relationships and happiness.

Learn how you can
  - lower your standards without raising your blood pressure,
  - short-cut without short-changing,
  - lift your spirit and lighten your load,
  - use humor to cope with difficulties, and
  - find a piece of perfect in the midst of chaos.

One-hour audio CD, recorded live at the Missoula Businesswomen's Network Women's Symposium (downloadable handouts) - $15.00

"Dare to Feel Happy Now! Small changes and coping strategies that reduce and deflect everyday irritations, so you can feel happy in the midst of trying times"  Audio CD 


When a careless driver crashed into the back of Lois' car 21 years ago and left her fumbling with the challenges of a brain injury, Lois learned, "HAPPINESS is not determined by WHAT happens TO you, rather HAPPINESS is determined by HOW you view what happens."

Learn insider tips and strategies you can use to make small changes so you can feel happy every day even when
- your kids won't listen,
- your husband/partner won't help,
- you messed up at work,
- your money won't stretch, and
- you swear someone shrank all of your clothes.

One-hour audio CD, recorded live at the Missoula Businesswomen's Network Women's Symposium (downloadable handouts) - $15.00

"The Sensitive Side of Disability - Thought provoking content plus tools for living a meaningful happy life" Audio CD


Lois’ insightful message has application for persons living with a disability, their family members, and professionals who work with disability clients. She shares the perplexities of living with an invisible disability and how she uses humor and laughter to cope with the complexities of her brain injury.

Instructional handouts provide the steps, guidelines and strategies to:
- increase your capability
- improve communication
- discover your passion
- explore your potential
- use humor in sensitive situations.

One-hour audio CD, recorded live at the Montana Rehabilitation Annual Conference (MAR) (includes downloadable handouts) - $15.00

"ADD/ADHD - Beast or Blessing? Discover ADD/ADHD talents and develop survival skills to manage troubling behaviors" Audio CD Set


"Whether you have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or not, if your life is complicated by inattention, impulsivity, or hyperactivity, the 'Big Three' of ADD/ADHD threatens to crush your potential for happiness and success."
- Lois McElravy

Even if you are not personally challenged with ADD/ADHD, the information contained in this program will better equip your to navigate through the overload of information, noise and activity that bombards you every day.

The insights and strategies Lois shares enabled her to move from misery to management and can be implemented by anyone who is personally affected by ADD/ADHD, or to help or cope with a family member, friend, or co-worker who struggles with ADD/ADHD.

Two-hour audio CD, recorded live at the Annual MT PIRC (Parent Information Resource Center) Families and Learning Conference  (includes 20 page downloadable workbook) 2 CD set - $25.00

Light-up Musical Magic Wand - 18 inch


What if...you could wave a magic wand over problems and troubles and instantly change your outlook?  You can!  SImply press the heart button and activate the magical sound and multi-color spinning light show. Hope and poss-ability replace negativie attitudes and you feel empowered to conquer any difficulties, from waking up on the wrong side of the bed to balancing budgets at corporate meetings.  Wands come in an assortment of colors, red, purple, turqoise and pink. Batteries are included. - $10.00

Puzzle Club, Brain Injury Survivors Talk DVD 

Lois is one of the thirteen brain injury survivors who's story is featured in the Puzzle Club, Brain Injury Survivors Talk.

Written and directed by playwright and drama professor Jillian Campana, this award winning play discusses what it is like to live with a brain injury from the survivor's perspective. Thirteen brain injury survivors from Western Montana, who have formed a weekly support group called "The Puzzle Club," share their personal stories. 80-minute DVD includes an additional 27-minute special documentary which features excerpts from the play in addition to interviews with survivors, actors, and the director of the project.  

Purchase directly from Disability Training:  Price $109.95  /  Resource # PZCD610
On-line: (click here) to Order Puzzle Club DVD   
By Phone: Call toll-free, 1-800-543-2119 or 315-452-0643  /  Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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