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Lois provides the media valuable insight, hard-earned wisdom,  and shares her expertise through personal interviews and writing:

  1. If you are looking for articles or humor tips on how to use humor in the workplace, Lois can provide you with do's and don'ts, benefits, and hazards of humor on the job.

  2. If you are looking for stories of how to use humor to build relationships and improve communication, Lois can supply stories that will illustrate a benefit or relate a reason for using humor in relationships, plus include tips, tools, and tactics that will develop your ability to effectively use humor.  See articles written by Lois.

  3. If you are looking to report how to use humor to cope with the unpredictable swift pace of life, overcome adversity, or adjust to constant change, Lois can provide you with articles or humor tips that teach people how to use humor to reduce stress so they can their best job and enjoy life more.

  4. If you are looking for a brain injury expert who can provide you with information and insights about living with a brain injury Lois can give you the valuable perspective that comes from her personal experience of living with a brain injury for 18 years. Brain Injury Speaker TopicsBrain Injury Articles  or  Brain Injury Professional Background

  5. If you are looking to provide information that will help others acquire a better understanding of ADHD, Lois offers the unique opportunity to learn how and why a person who's challenged with ADHD thinks, feels and acts. Plus Lois teaches how to devise personalized systems and strategies to help ADDers create new habits and manage their behaviors. ADD/ADHD Beast or Blessing? Program Description  or  ADD/ADHD Beast or Blessing Article

  6. If you are looking for original quotations about humor, adjusting to change, overcoming adversity, or living with a brain injury.

  7. See articles written by Lois.

  8. Contact media@lessonsfromlois.com or call 406-251-2887 to speak to Lois.

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