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Five Reasons Lois' Clients book her for repeat performances

  1. Laughing Feels Good (more)
  2. Life Experience is the Best Teacher (more)
  3. Personal Stories Relate Genuine, Heartfelt Messages (more)
  4. Humor Strategies Provide Useful Tools to Cope with Life's Difficulties (more)
  5. Life-Changing Insights Restore Hope (more)

How Lois Helps Make Your Event a Success (click here)

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Here's what Lois will do to assist you in making your event a success:

  • Interview your client to determine the purpose of their event, the theme and the goals they wish to accomplish with Lois' presentations. 
  • Work to find her connection with the audience by visiting with your client to fully understand the participant's challenges/needs/pain and their hopes/dreams/goals.
  • Create an element of surprise and make a lasting impression with a one-of-a-kind transformational character performance. (Meet Louis)
  • Entertain with humorous personal stories that contain a universal lesson in life.
  • Provide a thought-provoking message, offer life-changing insights and provide solutions with practical application for participants. 
  • If hired as the conference keynote, Lois will present an additional break-out session at no charge.
  • Donate product give-aways.  
  • Provide materials to clients to help them prepare for and promote the event.
  • Be available for media interviews. 
  • Attend pre-program and conference special events to mingle.
  • Be available after her presentations to speak with participants.
  • Establish timelines to stay in close communication with event planners previous to the event.
  • Prepare a contract.
  • Work with event planners to make travel and lodging arrangements.
  • Provide high quality handouts for printing.
  • After the conference, provide a recap from program evaluations to clients so they can assess ROI. (Most valuable thing I learned and One thing I will implement immediately.)
  • After the conference, provide a monthly humor tip to clients for posting on their website or to include in their company newsletter.

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Five Reasons Lois' Clients book her for repeat performances:

1.  Laughing Feels Good - When people laugh, they relax. Good humor diffuses stubborn attitudes, and opens individuals up to consider new perspectives. Laughter connects and energizes groups. Laughter produces "happy chemicals" and sets a positive tone for the event. Participants report that they suffer from "terminal" seriousness. They welcome Lois' "Secret Weapons" Survival Strategies and eagerly commit to incorporate more laughter and fun into every day.

2.  Life Experience is the Best Teacher - Lois candidly shares her emotional journey of adjusting to a sudden life change. The same principles and strategies that she used to overcome her loss, accept her new reality, and deal with frustration can be instantly applied by audience members to effectively manage the unpredictable, swift pace of their everyday life, and adjust to constant change. Lois inspires participants to listen to their little voice, boldly "ask" for help and utilize every resource available to overcome their obstacles and achieve success.

3.  Personal Stories Relate Genuine, Heartfelt Messages - Lois easily connects to her audience by telling humorous personal stories that prompt them to identify with feelings and attitudes reminiscent to their life challenges. Sometimes life seems unfair and life doesn't always make sense. Acknowledging that "things are not as they first appear" and anticipating that "things don't always go as planned" takes the sting out of disappointments. Believing that every detail of our life has significance and that every life has a divine purpose gives value and meaning to all of our life experiences, even the tough times.

4.  Humor Strategies Provide Useful Tools to Cope with Life's Difficulties - Lois teaches audiences how to "survive" adversity by using humor to regain emotional balance so they can cope with life's difficulties. Humor diffuses fear, widens perspectives, and invites creativity. Participants learn how to see and appreciate the funny side of life. They gain an understanding of how humor works and learn multiple ways they can use humor to enhance their personal and professional lives.

5.  Life-Changing Insights Restore Hope - Lois motivates participants to remain faithful to keep doing the small things, no matter how bleak their situation appears. The persistent effort of doing small things, over a long period of time will produce "treasures from our trials." Participants gain the courage to take risks, the confidence to try new things, and the determination to conquer their challenges one day at a time. They feel hopeful and believe that they will be O.K., no matter what happens.

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